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Dr. O’Mahony

Clinical Director and Owner

Dr. O’Mahony usDr. Helene O'Mahonyes different treatment modalities based on what is best for each patient. She is an active therapist and is solution focused. She has been a Clinical Director in dual diagnosis treatment facilities and has assisted the owners in creating strong successful clinical programs. She also created a dual diagnosis component to the Salvation Army Haven Substance Abuse program located on the Veterans Affairs grounds.

Dr. O’Mahony facilitates experiential groups which enable patients to develop emotional tolerance and learn to face their fears instead of avoid them. She also uses visualization and hypnotherapy to help patients heal, clear their minds and assist them in creating the life they want. Dr. O’Mahony has created a training for patients in treatment and their families about understanding mental disorders, including substance abuse and how medication, therapy, and family therapy helps one to recover.

Currently Dr. O’Mahony is the Clinical Director of Iris Healing Retreat located in Woodland Hills. She was hired to assist in creating a new residential program for dual diagnosis. She brings her expertise in running deep and experiential groups and also provides thorough training and supervision to the clinical team. Iris Healing Retreat addresses all 4 aspects of being human, the psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual. The team at Iris Healing Retreat addresses maladaptive patterns of thinking, helps the clients develop emotional tolerance for feelings, and provides family and couple’s therapy as needed. Healthy meals are provided with education on food and the connection between food and how we feel. Finally, spirituality is also addressed and many options are provided for the clients to explore their spirituality while in treatment.

It has been a long professional goal of hers to create a strong and amazing team of professionals to help more people be well.

Dr. Helene O'Mahony (left) at the opening ceremony of Iris Healing Retreat where she is the Clinical Director.

Dr. Helene O’Mahony (left) at the opening ceremony of Iris Healing Retreat where she is the Clinical Director.